Anti Raging Cell (ARC)

Anti Raging Cell (ARC) has been constituted at PINNACLE to curb the menace of Ragging in Campuses of Technical Education as per Directions of AICTE/ UGC/ Govt of Kerala.

As per provision of Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act 1988, any person found guilty of Ragging shall be liable for a punishment amounting to 2 years imprisonment and Fine.

Any complaints of Ragging can be informed directly to any of the members of ARC and strict actions would be taken on the reported Incident. Special care shall be taken to maintain confidentiality in case of sensitive informations.

Sl. No Name Designation Mobile Number Post Held
1 Dr. Thyagarajan K Principal +919400491684 Ex-Officio Member
3 Mr. Ajith Kumar Director +919447206400 Convenor, ARC
2 Mr. Gracious SL Asst Professor +919495721325 Convenor, ARC
4 Nijo Jose Asst Professor +918156920670 Coordinator
5 Sumi Mol H Asst Professor +919745970642 Coordinator
6 Shabana Sulthana Asst Professor +919567396119 First Year Co-ordinator